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About Margit

I am a word-image artist.
Over the years I developed my own visual language which incorporates painting and textual elements and I coined the
term CAPTURE ART for it.

- In my art painting and writing come together naturally.

- I love to play with words and colors and hope that many
  viewers can participate in my world.

- Words and the space around them interact with painting.

- When I feel a picture breathing I am satisfied.

- What a stunning experience to see a nascent impulse
  taking shape in a painting and starting a life of its own
  in a developing context.

- My work is never a rehearsal. The developing pictures are
  repositories of gathered moments.

- Clearly, my concerns with the passing of time are reflected
  in my work. Consequently, I call my paintings

- I am a time picker.

- I love art.

- Don’t conceal your essence!

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